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Personal Training Sessions

The duration of the session depends on you but generally a session will last 1 hour. Some clients can only manage 30-45 minutes while others like to workout for 90 minutes - this is down to what time you have available. Normally I'll see a client twice a week, but if you can only manage once that's fine, we all lead busy lives. Your session will include the following : cardiovascular training, resistance training and core training.

Walking, power walking, jogging, running, skipping.

Cardiovascular or "cardio training" is the kind of exercise that burns calories, lowers stress, releases feel good hormones and strengthens your heart and lungs.

Free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells.

Resistance or "weight training" is any form of activity that uses opposing forces, weights, gravity, resistance bands or machines. This improves muscle tone, increases strength and maintains or increases lean muscle tissue. Regardless of age, gender or goals, everyone can benefit from resistance training.

Fit ball, stability discs, medicine ball.

The foundtation for all movement comes from the body's core muscles. The muscles in the torso stabilise the spine and provide a strong base of support to power the movement of your legs and arms.